Travel Tips For Long Flights

Whilst air travel has certainly become less of an elite luxury and more of an affordable way to travel, it isn’t without its ups and downs... and no, we’re not talking about the turbulence! While those of us who are fortunate to travel to far flung places can appreciate the beauty once we’re there, it can sometimes get a bit unbearable if you’re not financially well endowed enough to constantly use private airport lounges and travel first class. It can get cramped, there can be long waits, you can get a dead leg or a screaming baby in the seat behind you, there’s a list as long as your arm on the more unpleasant side of long haul flights. That’s why we’ve come up with this article with travel tips for long flights to help you get through that 14 hour slog to SouthEast Asia or that lengthy layover en route to visit your grandmother in New Zealand. We’ve also thrown in a few airport travel tips for good measure, so that you can improve all aspects of your journey.


Airplane Travel Tips

A list of invaluable items that will give you the most comfortable long haul flight of your life...


- Neck pillow

First up is non-negotiable when it comes to travel tips for long flights. You’re never going to regret bringing a neck pillow with you when you travel on a long flight. You can buy one beforehand or just about any airport sells one. Some are stuffed and some are compact blow up ones.


- Socks

Probably the most overlooked of travel tips for long flights is BYOS (Bring Your Own Socks). It can get cold on flights and most people prefer taking off their shoes. If you’re travel to a hot country, you may have even decided to wear sandals or flip flops on the flight. Sure, some airlines give you a little care package with socks in, although they’re not usually very warm or comfy. Just pack a nice pair of your own fluffy, warm socks in your hand luggage and thank yourself later for it.


- Jumper

As above, flights can get cold very quickly. Some companies may give you a small blanket, although whether that is washed between every passenger use is let’s face it, unlikely at best. Not only this, but they tend to be small and thin. So an unmistakable contender on our airplane travel tips is to bring a jumper. That way you can avoid sitting awake, cold and cramped with your teeth chattering and regretting your life’s decisions.


- Hand wipes or antibacterial gel

You don’t have to be a total clean freak to know that planes harbor an awful lot of germs. Just how effectively and regularly the arms of seats and table are cleaned is unknown. Not to mention all those people jammed into one space, circulating their oxygen and potentially spluttering in your direction. Many people often catch colds when flying, so as an added precaution this makes it on to our travel tips for long flights.


- Water bottle

If you drink a lot of water (which is a good idea because air travel is dehydrating) then you’re better off buying a large bottle from a shop inside the airport once you’ve passed through security. The water served on the aircraft is often small and in cups that are easy to spill. In fact, perhaps consider that the main point of this airplane travel tips. Hydration is key to beating jet lag.


- Exercises for circulation

Research and memorize some simple exercises for circulation to keep your blood flowing. You’ll spend a lot of time sitting in one position or moving very little, which means that many people will struggle with circulation in their lower extremities and end up with pins and needles and cramps at best, and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) at worst. So remember when thinking about our travel tips for long flights — circulation is important!


- Eye mask

Despite the fact that airlines lower the lights at night, you may still get distracted by other passengers reading lights or TV Screens. If you’re traveling to a different timezone, you might even want to try and sleep on the plane for a few hours even if it’s not a night flight, so that you can acclimatize more easily to the local time when you land. This is where an eye mask will come in handy.


- Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are the best things to be invented since sliced bread, and they will become your new best friend on a busy long haul flight. Say goodbye to people with loud, annoying laughs, squealing children, crying babies and people who have no perception of volume control. Goodbye badly times, pointless announcements on fragrances and hello sweet sweet peace and quiet. Perhaps just be sure to leave a note on your tray stating whether you want to be woken up for dinner, should you fall asleep.


- Moisturizer, face mist, or lip balm

As mentioned above, long haul flights can be dehydrating. So this is one of our important travel tips for long flights. Some good options to combat this are moisturizer (or face mist) and lip balm. This will help you feel a bit more fresh after a long flight and stop you from getting dry skin and chapped lips.


- Toiletries

Some basic toiletries such as mouthwash and roll on deodorant will really help you feel a but more human after a long flight and can easily be quickly used in the toilets before landing. This way, you don’t have to offend the person who’s picking you up from the airport with plane induced halitosis.


Bonus: Airport Travel Tips

A few simple tips to get yourself more comfortable in the airport, especially if you have a long layover...


- WiFi Codes

First on our airport travel tips is Wifi passwords. Handy apps such as WiFox can help you get WiFi codes for just about any airport in the world. Never struggle logging in to or getting tricked to pay for airport WiFi again.


- Battery / compact charger

One of our top airport travel tips is to be prepared for charging. Some airports have limited charging stations, so it’s always wise to invest in some sort of battery pack of compact charger than you can use to charge devices such as phones, kindles, tablets etc.


- Other helpful apps

Last but not least on our airport travel tips are some helpful apps.There are various apps that can make your long layover a dream. Loungebuddy for example, allows you to find the airport lounge with your exact needs. Want a shower? No problem. Desperate for a nap? Got you covered. You can even book the lounge from your phone. DayUse allows you to get a hotel room for a few hours instead of the whole night, with a discount of up to 75 percent. GateGuru can get you maps of the airport and all your flight information without having to be near an announcement board.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on travel tips for long flights and our bonus tips on airport travel to make your long layovers more bearable!

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