Top 14 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The stores will be full of cards, chocolates and flowers — you know, all the normal generic stuff. But suppose you want to push the boat out this year and do something that is actually special and meaningful? We’re here to inspire you with the best Valentine's day gift ideas, from sentimental trinkets to special experiences, this isn’t going to be your same old ordinary list! Whether you’re surprising your other half to show how much you love them, or whether you’re indulging in some self love and appreciation this Valentine’s day, we’ve got something for everyone and every budget on this list.


Love Costs Nothing: Free Valentine’s Gift Ideas

You can still plan something romantic without spending money…


1. Go back to where it all started

For lovely Valentine's day gifts that won’t cost you the earth, go for a walk back to where you first met, the spot where you had your first kiss, or the place where you asked your other half out on a date for the first time. Any significant place that is personal to the two of you. Take a walk, cycle or get the bus to that spot. Perhaps take a picnic if the weather permits or flasks of hot chocolate and enjoy some quality time together reminiscing.


2. Write a romantic letter

Other free Valentine’s day gift ideas include a romantic letter. Hardly anyone writes letters to each other anymore, which is why it is such a nice gesture to your loved one. Take some time to make it look nice, take extra care with your writing, and pen your innermost thoughts and feelings on your relationship and your partner. List things you love about them and let them know how special they are. It will be something that they can keep hold of and look back on when they’re older.


3. Make a mixed tape

Ok, well, not an actual mixed tape because those aren’t actually a thing anymore. Make them a romantic playlist and play it for them as you cook dinner, sit with a glass of wine, or dance around the living room together to your favorite song. Sometimes the best Valentine’s gift ideas are also the most simple! Try and include some of their personal favorites as well as songs that resonate with you as a couple.


4. Coupons

These are a classic when it comes to Valentine's day gifts on a budget! Give your other half the gift of redeemable coupons that allow them to claim anything from back massages and foot rubs to full control of the TV remote for 24 hours; letting them pick the movie on date night or getting dinner cooked for them. There are plenty of ways to have fun with this, make your other half feel special, and not spend a dime!


5. No tech night

In this day and age we have something they wouldn’t have a few decades ago, that can get in the way of having quality time together. Technology. For Valentine’s day gift ideas, eschew your smartphones. Have a cosy wine and move night in and ban all other tech for the day and evening. No phone calls, no texts, no scrolling on social media. Spend the whole time in each other’s company, snuggled happily on the couch.


Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Romance On a Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune to show your affection...


6. Make it last with potted plants

Most people when giving Valentine’s Day gifts opt for a bouquet of flowers. While this is a lovely gesture, the problem with flowers that have been cut is that they will wilt and die. If you buy your other half equally lovely potted plants instead of a bouquet, then they can enjoy them for much longer, and it shows a little more thought. If you really wanted to knock it out of the park, you could accompany them with a note that says “I wanted something that represented our love, something that could be nurtured and blossom, not wilt away.”


7. Something handmade

Handmade items make wonderful Valentine’s gift ideas and are always highly appreciated. They tend to be deeply sentimental as they are simply one of a kind! You can make just about anything, perhaps take a class to learn how to make something if you don’t already have a knack for a specific art or craft already. You could make a ring or a necklace, a bag, a cushion, a wooden box for keepsakes, a photo album or scrapbook. The list is endless!


8. Recreate your first date

Try and recreate your first date in as much detail as possible. From outfits to venue and even what your chose to eat and drink (if your memory is that good!) there’s plenty of fun you can have with this trip down memory lane, and you don’t have to necessarily spend a whole lot of money to do it either!


9. Show what you know

When it comes to Valentine's day gifts, they can be made extra special if you show how well you know your significant other by getting them something that will mean a lot to them. Such as a limited edition of their favorite book, or a copy signed by their best loved author. You could get them a basketball signed by their favorite player, or a personalised team t-shirt. You could order them an item and have it engraved. For example, do they like cheese? Then get them a nice cheese board and engrave it with a witty pun.


10. Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorite Valentine’s day gift ideas is less about the gift itself and more about the build up to it! Organize a fun scavenger hunt, whether that be in your home or out and about. Make little notes of riddles and clues for your partner, or questions about your relationship, to eventually guide them to their gift. It doesn’t have to be big or special, what’s important is spending time together and having fun!


Valentine's Day Gifts: Experiences Instead of Things

Give a gift that can be cherished forever…


11. Go on an adventure

If you’re looking for truly special Valentine’s gift ideas, give the gift of travel and go on an adventure together! Rather than spending money on a gift that your other half may never use again, make memories together instead. Head off on a romantic adventure somewhere sunny and enjoy yourselves.

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12. Candlelit beach dinner

For epic romantic Valentine’s gift ideas — If you’re based in or heading to somewhere warm and tropical, then organize a romantic dinner by candlelight on the beach. Listening to the sound of waves crashing in the night as you enjoy a peaceful meal alone together under the stars is a great to spend Valentine’s day! One that you certainly won’t forget in a hurry.


13. Couples massage

Book a relaxing couples massage together either alone or as part of a spa package. Life can get busy, so use this day not only to spend quality time together, but also spend quality time on yourselves. If you’re abroad, look into specifically local style massages (eg. Thai, Swedish etc.) to enjoy a deeper connection to your destination.


14. Day trip

For more Valentine’s gift ideas that focus on experiences instead of things: Take a day trip somewhere interesting, whether that be in your home country or abroad. Head to a art gallery or museum, or somewhere with local history such as a castle or ruins. Making memories is important, and while you may not remember every year and who cooked breakfast in bed, you’re both likely to remember a special day out for years to come.


We hope our post on the top 14 Valentine’s day gift ideas has inspired you to bring out your inner romantic! We wish you and your special someone a lovely Valentine's day filled with fun and laughter. It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a heartfelt gesture, just a little thought and effort will go a long way! If you’re flying solo this Valentine’s, make sure that you treat yourself to something extra special nice, because you’re worth it!

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