Tips For Traveling With Your Pet


It doesn’t matter whether you're looking for tips for traveling with dogs, tips for traveling with a cat or tips for traveling with your pet naked mole rat — if you intend on traveling with a pet of any kind, you need to do some thorough research. If you have all of the information you need, then the process will seem a lot less complicated and daunting. There are various rules and procedures in place across the world for traveling with animals, in order to protect local wildlife and domesticated pets from detrimental diseases and to prevent the illegal smuggling of animals into different countries. With this in mind, we’ve created a simple guide for traveling with your pet, broken down into easily digestible chunks.


Our Top Tips For Traveling With A Pet


Traveling with your pet: Pet Passport & Other Paperwork

Firstly, to travel with a pet you will require a pet passport and the necessary accompanying paperwork. You can apply for a pet passport at your registered veterinary clinic. The exact paperwork you will need will likely depend on which country you are intending to travel to, so research this beforehand and speak to your vet as well. It’s always helpful to have an International Health Certificate for your pet, although some countries may have their own specific health certificate that varies slightly from the international one. You will also need adequate insurance, and proof of your insurance policy coverage.

Tip: Plan and pack a care kit for when you are traveling with your pet. Take a collapsible water bottle, some food, some treats, a blanket and any calming products that might help if they are prone to anxiety.


Traveling with your pet: Vaccinations & Microchips

Most countries will require your pet to be microchipped, and along with other vaccinations, you will need to check the rabies classification of the country that you will be leaving from. When traveling with a pet you will need to find out the quarantine procedures in the countries you are traveling to and prepare accordingly. It may be that you have all the necessary paperwork and vaccinations, but some countries may require your pet to be held in quarantine for a certain amount of time to prove they are not exhibiting any symptoms.

Tip: Some vaccinations will have a minimum age requirement, and sometimes need to be done up to 6 months before the date of travel. So it is crucially important to research this aspect in your travel planning early on in advance and give yourself plenty of time to organise it.


Traveling with your pet: Airlines & Accommodation

If you plan on flying with your pet, then you will need to look at which airlines heading to your chosen destination allow pets on flights. Some airlines will allow cats and small dogs in the cabin, but this has to be checked and arranged in advance. This also often comes with an additional fee, and there are strict regulations on the size of your pet and the dimensions of their travel crate (much like restrictions with the dimensions of carry on luggage). As with flights, when traveling with a pet you will also need to research accommodation and check whether they allow pets. Do not just assume, only to be turned away because it’s against their policy.

Tip: Regardless of your mode of transport when traveling with a pet, try rehearsing with your pet first (if possible) so that they are able to better cope with the situation when it arises. For example, if you’re traveling by air, get them used to the small travel crate which they will be in. If you’re going to be driving and they’re not using to being in a car for long stretches of time, then take them out with you in the car a bit more often.

We hope that you found our tips on traveling with a pet useful! All the above tips are applicable to traveling with most breeds of domesticated pets. Whilst it seems daunting at first, take each stage of planning one step at a time, follow our tips, and you’ll be fine! Keep an eye on our blog for more great travel-related content that’s released on a weekly basis.

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