How To Plan An Affordable Destination Wedding


A tropical destination wedding is many people's dream of a perfect special day, but a destination wedding cost is most people’s worst nightmare. Whilst the lure of turquoise ocean, sandy white beaches and lush palm trees calls, the idea is often pushed away with the presumption that it will be too costly. In actual fact, with some helpful tips and careful planning, you can have a beautiful and affordable destination wedding! Whilst some might assume that this comes with a lot of sacrifice, it’s certainly not the case. Being a little frugal and savvy can get you far, especially when it comes to planning a cheap wedding, and hey, let’s face it — not all of us want to spend mega bucks on our big day. Some of us just want a lovely backdrop, our loved ones to have fun, and not be thrown into debt for the next several years because of spending way over budget.

We’ve created this guide on how to plan an affordable destination wedding, so that you can have the wedding on your dreams without breaking the bank.


Cheap Destination Wedding Hacks

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, welcome to your ultimate budget wedding hack guide…


1. First and foremost: Come up with a realistic budget

A destination wedding cost can begin to tally up fast if you have no concept of a realistic budget. So before you do absolutely anything else, you need to sit down and work out a reliable budget for you. What expendable money do you have? How much can you spare and comfortably afford? It’s always wise to set a budget but have at least a small contingency overflow, in case anything does go awry, or something really steals your heart but is a little over budget.


2. Secondly: Prioritize

What are the areas that you want to spend the most on? What are the areas that are less important to you? An affordable destination wedding starts with you knowing what areas you want to dedicate more money to, rather than throwing it altogether in a pot and having a frantic free for all. For example, for some people, exceptional photos are most important and food is less so. After all, you could have a sit down dinner, or you could have a buffet or hog roast on the beach for a fraction of the price.


3. Thirdly: Savings and deals = more money for meals

Obviously when it comes to planning an affordable destination wedding you’ll want to be on the hunt for as many savings and deals to take opportunity of as possible! One great idea for after you’ve picked your destination, is to research when on peak and off peak seasons are, when school holidays are (as this can drastically affect prices and make them sky high), and when flights are most expensive and most affordable. Usually flights tend to be most affordable on Tuesdays and Wednesday.


4. Fourthly: It doesn’t have to be a weekend

You may have just read the point above and thought: “Yeah but who wants to fly on a Tuesday?” Bear in mind that it’s a destination wedding anyway, so everyone is effectively on vacation in the first place, so you don’t really have to have your wedding at the weekend. This can save you some money as mid-week flights are cheaper, and accommodation is less expensive on weekdays. Flights will be one of the main expenditures so if you can find good deals on this, it will be much easier to plan a cheap destination wedding and you could even have some extra money to add to your budget!


5. Last but not least: Go local

Our final tip for planning an affordable destination wedding is to go local. What do we mean? Speak to a member of staff or the events manager at the venue / hotel that will be hosting and see what you can make the most of. Things such as using a local florist and taking advantage of local produce, rather than selecting pricier options that are more likely to be imported. If anything has to be imported, you can guarantee it will cost a lot more.

We hope that our guide to how to plan an affordable destination wedding has given you some serious inspiration and great ideas on how to drastically reduce the dreaded destination wedding cost that puts so many people off from heading to their dream location to say “I Do”. A cheap destination wedding doesn’t have to be tasteless, tacky, or feel like it’s been done on a budget at all. If you would love to have your special day somewhere tropical and secluded, that can help cater to every budget and need, then you can read more about our packages here and get in touch with a member of our friendly staff to find out more!

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