Best Budget New Year’s Destinations


New Year’s celebrations can really be on the pricey side sometimes! More often that not, people want to go away for New Year’s and experience something a little different to their hometown. However, that being said, prices get pretty steep around this time of year, so where can you go if you want to do New Year’s on a budget? After all, it’s likely that you have already spent a lot of money over Christmas, so you don’t want to go into the New Year absolutely broke! We’ve compiled this list of our favorite cheap New Year’s destinations, from chilly but beautiful European getaways to the warm and balmy beaches of the Caribbean. Check out our ultimate list for your 2019 travel inspiration.


Best New Year’s Destinations: Budget Friendly Travel

Fun destinations for New Year’s Eve without breaking the bank. Our ultimate destinations offer something to suit every taste and budget!



Best Budget New Year’s Destinations - Belize
Dance the night away to traditional Punta music, sip on fruity rum cocktails, and enjoy the fun Caribbean vibes in Belize. Belize is one of the best New Year destinations for those looking to get the best of both worlds. On the island of Ambergris Caye, you can get away from all the crowds and madness of New Year celebrations, as well as have a good time. If you want to escape the cold, then head to balmy Belize and spend your New Year’s eve on the white sandy shores of Ambergris Caye.



Best Budget New Year’s Destinations - Scotland
Listen to the sounds of bagpipes as the fireworks light up the night and warm yourself up against the chilly winter air with a typically Scottish whisky. New Year’s can be a magical time to visit Scotland, and while accommodation may not be cheap in some places, there are bargains to be found! Plus, the main reason that Scotland makes it onto the cheap New Year destinations list, is because there are so many things to do and lovely places to go for free!



Best Budget New Year’s Destinations - Romania
Romania may not be the first place to occur to you when wondering where to travel to for New Year’s, but this Eastern European country has a lot to offer. Not only is the beer cheap and flowing, but accommodation and food are inexpensive. You can choose between a city break in the likes of Bucharest, which has a lovely old town - or head into the stunning countryside. You may even get the chance to see some of the traditional Romanian dances to welcome in the New Year and ward away evil spirits.



Best Budget New Year’s Destinations - Egypt
If you prefer warmer climates when it comes to your vacations, then make your way to the land of Pyramids and Pharaohs. Egypt is on our cheap New Years destinations list for good reason! You can get very inexpensive all-inclusive deals at many resorts in Egypt. For an experience of a lifetime, watch the fireworks illuminate the ancient world wonders of the Pyramids and The Sphinx.



Best Budget New Year’s Destinations - Brazil
Nothing screams party like Rio de Janeiro! If you’re a fan of big party vibes, then head to Copacabana Beach in Rio on New Year’s to dance the night away on the sand with the locals. Everybody wears white to bring good luck to the new year; Samba musics blares, and people spray each other with champagne. Brazil is undoubtedly one of the best New Year’s destinations if you’re looking for a combination of hot weather and even hotter parties!


We hope that you enjoyed our blog post on ‘Best Budget New Year’s Destinations’ and that you have found some inspiration in our top picks for cheap New Year’s destinations! New Year’s is a magical time of year, full of promises for a bright future, so it only makes sense to celebrate it in a special way that you can always remember. We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year; may it be filled with happiness and success for you! If you would like to book your own New Year’s celebration in beautiful Belize, then contact a member of our friendly staff, who will be happy to assist you with an enquiries.

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