Belize Holidays 2019: The Important Dates To Put In Your Calendar

Belize holidays are often steeped in history and religious traditions. This is a beautiful country with a long, diverse history and a melting pot of different ethnicities, so it’s no surprise that the public holidays and celebrations here vary in origin. In this post, we’re taking a look at the remainder of 2019 and the dates for the public holidays in Belize for the rest of this year. So whip out your diary or calendar and get ready to make note of what’s happening in Belize this year.


Public Belize Holidays 2019

Below in order are the public Holidays in Belize for the remainder of the year, and a brief history behind them...


11th of March
National Heroes and Benefactors Holiday

One of the Belize holidays with interesting roots, originally this public holiday was known as “Baron Bliss Day” after Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss. Baron Bliss was a wealthy English engineer who relocated to Belize on his yacht during his retirement. He was so enamored with the beauty of the country and the hospitality of the people, that he changed his will and left the bulk of his fortune to the nation of Belize.

The money from this fund has been used for many projects including the Baron Bliss Institute, the Bliss School of Nursing, the Belize City Water Supply System and even the In-transit Lounge at the Belize National Airport. Today it is one of the Belize festivals that celebrates all people considered national heroes or benefactors of Belize.


19th of April, 20th of April & 22nd of April
Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Monday

When it comes to Belize holidays, religious festivals are particularly important. Belize is a religious country, and thus celebrates and observes various religious holidays. With the majority of the population identifying as either Christian or Catholic, these observed religious holidays include Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Monday.

Many people attend the local church on these days. Good Friday is an incredibly peaceful day and people to try to do as little as possible on this day, with many people staying at home with their families. On Holy Saturday many will flock to Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycle Race or to watch the Holy Saturday Caye Caulker Regatta.


1st of May
Labour Day

Labour Day, also sometimes known as “May Day” is one of the Belize holidays that has two meanings. Firstly, it welcomes the start of Spring, and secondly, it celebrates the workers (or laborers) of the country. The day is also often used to highlight workers unions and employees rights.


27th of May
Sovereign's / Commonwealth Day Holiday

Sovereign's Day or Commonwealth Day is public holiday celebrated by all Commonwealth nations and signifies the organization of 54 independent or sovereign states under the British monarchy. While in other countries Commonwealth day is celebrated in March, Belize celebrates it on the 27th of May to commemorate Queen Victoria’s birthday. In fact, many Belizeans still refer to it as “Queen’s Birthday” rather than Sovereign's Day. Many people enjoy the day off by heading out to the horse or cycle races that are held on this day. It’s also one of the Belize holidays that involves an official flag raising ceremony.


10th of September
Saint George's Caye Day

One of the Belize few holidays that commemorates historic events, this celebrates the battle of St George’s Caye. The battle of St George's Caye was a short military engagement lasting only a week in 1798. It is usually celebrated on the 10th of September, which marked the final battle of the military engagement between the Spanish and the British. This battle cemented the transition from Spanish to British rule.


21st of September - 23rd of September
Independence Day Holiday

Independence Day and the subsequent holiday celebrates the day in 1981 when British Honduras was granted independent status by Great Britain, and renamed as Belize. It’s a particularly poignant holiday to the people of Belize, considering they had been a British colony since 1862 and before that were under Spanish rule.


14th of October
Pan American Day

Pan American Day is also sometimes known as “Columbus Day”. Another one of the Belize holidays that remembers historic events, It’s a national holiday in Belize that commemorates the voyage of Christopher Columbus on behalf of Spain some 500 years ago.


19th of November
Garifuna Settlement Day

Garifuna Settlement Day was created by the Belizean civil rights activist Thomas Vincent Ramos, in 1941. It was created to remember the settlement of the Garifuna people in Belize after they were exiled by the British army from the Grenadines. It is often most celebrated in Dangriga with parades, music, and dancing.


25th & 26th of December of December
Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Christmas Day and Boxing Day are public Belize holidays and are celebrated much in the same way as in many other places around the world. Belize is distinctly religious and thus such dates are important in the calendar and local celebrations.

As well as marking these events in your calendar as something to enjoy, it may also be worth researching what services will be running during these Belize holidays, as you may find yourself limited in terms of transport and other services that may or may not be operating. If you do get the opportunity to join us for any of these events, we will be sure to celebrate with you in style!

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