7 Of The Best Travel Packing Tips


Packing. There are two types of people when it comes to packing: you either love it, or you hate it. You’re either super organized, meticulously planning and neatly packing well in advance of your vacation. Or, you’re the kind of person that leaves it until the very last possible moment, and then throws it all in, sitting on the case to slam it shut. Packing is not always the most fun thing to do, and some people get a bit lost with it. That’s why we’ve come up with this handy blog post on the 7 best travel packing tips for all our fellow travelers who need that extra push when it comes to savvy, organized packing.


Travel Packing Tips And Tricks:


From how to best organize your luggage to what products you should back, here is our comprehensive list on the best travel packing tips...


1. Organization: Packing Cubes

Let's start with the basics of travel packing tips and tricks. Keep all your stuff super organized. The best way to do this is to invest in some packing cubes. You can buy sets of varying sizes, so that you can separate your belongings into different sections. It makes everything much more easily accessible, without having to pull all of your packing out to find whatever it was that you were looking for.


2. Organization: Documents

Next up on our travel packing tips: Keep all of your important documents in a folder so that you know where they all are. It’s always helpful to make copies as well. Leave some copies at home for your loved ones in case of an emergency, along with a copy of your itinerary and travel insurance details. Make some copies for yourself to keep in your main luggage or scan the documents and make electronic copies that you can email to yourself. This way if something like your passport gets lost of stolen, you have a copy of all the details.


3. Products To Pack

When going to tropical countries, pack insect repellant! You’re more likely to be able to get better quality and more of a range of products at home than abroad. For example, for our travel packing tips and tricks, we recommend you buy showers gels, lotions, and wipes that are infused with insect repellant! That way, you save on space as you won’t need to pack repellent AND toiletries. Always pack something waterproof and quick drying that packs away easily, just in case of unexpected weather. If you want to help the local environment, take a small reusable bag and BPA free reusable water bottle (or one with a water filter). Also, research sunscreens that don’t have chemicals that damage marine life such as coral.


4. Hang Luggage: Always Be Prepared

When it comes to travel packing tips, the greatest tip is to always be prepare! For example, pack some essentials in your hand luggage such as a change of clothes, underwear, toothbrush etc. This way, if you main luggage is delayed or lost, you can at least have a wash and change into some fresh clothes before having to worry about where to go to replace all the items.


5. Main Luggage: Priority & Security

Here’s one of our favorite sneaky travel packing tips and tricks! If you’re worried about your luggage getting thrown about at the airport by baggage handlers, there is usually always an option to mark your luggage as “fragile”. This will (usually) ensure that your luggage is handled with extra care, but also is likely to come off the baggage carousel first! It’s always a good idea to get a padlock with a key or code on your main luggage to avoid any tampering with your belongings.


6. Hang Luggage: Comfort

Travel packing tips for those who struggle with long haul flights: it may be a good idea to pack (or where on board, up to you) compression socks or stockings. These will help with your circulation a great deal and make the flight more comfortable. In addition to this, no one ever regretted taking a neck pillow on a long haul flight! Some airlines provide sleep masks and some do not. Again, it can’t hurt to take your own!


7. Packing Electricals

In many countries, it may be a wise idea to take a surge suppressor with you, to stop your expensive electrical getting fried if there are any sudden electrical surges. And of course an international adaptor plug should you be coming from another area of the world where the plug sockets are different!


We hope you enjoy our post on the top 7 best travel packing tips! If this post on packing has got you itching for your next vacation, then come and visit us in Belize!

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