10 Best Tips For Traveling With A Baby


Most people dread attempting to travel with children. Whether it’s the stress of meticulous organization, trying to keep them entertained in a confined space for hours, or the judgemental remarks that sometimes come from other passengers, there are plenty of reasons why traveling with an infant can be daunting. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the stressful situation that you picture in your head! This is why we’ve put together our top tips for traveling with a baby. Of course, these tips are also applicable to toddlers as well. These should help you get ready for that family holiday without fear and conquer the art of traveling with young children!


Our Top 10 Tips For Traveling With An Infant

Whether you’re traveling with a newborn baby or a toddler, most of these tips will help you regardless of the age of your infant and hopefully take the stress out of your travel experience!


1. Book the correct seats

First up on our tips for traveling with a baby is book the correct seats! Ideally, you will want to book the seats with extra leg space and a bassinet attachment. The bassinet attachment is basically a baby bed that’s attached to a wall. They are usually positioned in the centre of the aircraft in the front row. Not all airplane providers have bassinet attachments available, so you should check the availability of this first prior to booking.


2. Always be prepared

It’s always wise to come prepared, hence our tips for traveling with a toddler include being prepared for a hungry, grumpy youngster. Bring snacks, drinks, and food that you know your toddler likes rather than risking airplane food and feeling their wrath as they launch the rejected food at unsuspecting passengers.


3. Extra, extra!

Always pack extra of everything! Pack some extra clothes, extra diapers, extra wipes; anything you can think of! That way, if you luggage gets lost or delayed or your little one has an untimely case of explosive poops, you’ll be well prepared and not have to panic. That being said, there’s obviously a fine line between packing extra to be on the safe side and simply overpacking!


4. Entertainment

One of the more obvious tips for traveling with an infant is to be sure to bring some toys with you to keep them entertained. Toys that can be wiped down easily with disinfectant wipes (because you know, plane germs) and don’t make noises that will annoy fellow passengers would be most ideal. Keeping your little ones entertained will stop them getting fidgety.


5. Maybe, baby.

Maybe consider taking some baby food with you, depending on where you’re traveling and/or if you have a fussy eater. Trust us, when it comes to tips for traveling with a baby — packing some of your own baby food is a must. Baby food is different in various countries, and your little one may decide they don’t like the taste of it, which can be a real hindrance if you haven’t packed any of your own. In some cases it may be safer to bring your own if you’re in a country with poorer hygiene than at home.


6. Take all necessities in your hand luggage

One of our top tips for traveling with an infant is to try and fit all of the necessities in your hand luggage, so that in the event that your luggage gets delayed, lost, or stolen you will have everything you need. If there is something simply irreplaceable that you are taking with you, such as your child’s favorite bunny that they won’t go to sleep without, then it’s best to take it in your hand luggage. Just in case!


7. Research the time difference

Another one of our tips for traveling with an infant is to try and prepare ahead for a slight change in routine to acclimatize and avoid jet lag for the whole family if there is a time difference between the country your are departing from and the country you are arriving to. Be ready to adjust nap times and bedtime routine as needed to fit in with local time, or you’ll all end up exhausted!


8. Feeding during flight

Stop their little ears from popping by feeding them during take off and landing if possible. If they refuse to feed then a pacifier will also be equally good enough. You just need to encourage them to swallow, so that their ears can adjust to the cabin pressure, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable for them and you’ll have one grizzly little bear to deal with!


9. Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones can be absolutely invaluable when it comes to traveling with your child and being in unfamiliar surroundings with strange, loud noises that might scare them or wake them up from a well-needed nap. It’s one of the most overlooked necessities for traveling with children. Suitable to use on the plane or anywhere else for that matter, they’re a worthwhile investment!


10. Keep them hydrated

Flying causes dehydration, and severe dehydration occurs much more quickly in infants than it does in adults. So make sure you keep your little ones hydrated throughout the flight and after you land, to stop them getting sick from dehydration. If they will not have any liquids throughout the duration of your flight, it may be worth getting them checked by a doctor after you arrive.


We hope that this post on the top tips for traveling with a baby has helped you figure out how to travel with your children comfortably and without fear! Travel can be an enriching experience and one that is lovely to share as a family, so don’t let yourself get too scared or stressed at the prospect of traveling with your children.

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