Tranquility Bay Resort, Ambergris Caye is home to the best snorkeling in Belize

Belize is known for its pristine clear water, world famous dive sites and diverse marine life. Tranquility Bay Resort is ideally situated in Ambergris Caye, in close proximity to the Belize Barrier reef, meaning it can boast some of the best snorkeling in Belize. The best part is – there’s no boat ride required. Finding the best snorkeling spots is as easy as stepping out of your beachfront cabana, onto the white sandy beach, and dipping into the warm blue waters of the Caribbean ocean. The majestic Belize Barrier Reef (arguably one of the most beautiful barrier reefs in the world) is merely metres away!

Because of our unique location within the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a beachfront just 300 feet from the Belize Barrier Reef, you will have easy access to abundant marine life at the drop of a hat! Don’t worry about the gear, all the snorkeling equipment you’ll need will be available in our well equipped scuba dive shop. You can have the best Belize snorkeling experience not far from the shore, and rest up in between your underwater adventures with food and refreshments!

Tranquility Bay Resort, Belize: Snorkeling from the beach

The snorkeling Belize has to offer is truly spectacular, and will be an unforgettable experience, leaving you with vivid memories of swimming with colorful shoals of fish, floating alongside turtles and observing the fascinating underwater life between the corals. The Caribbean ocean has warm and inviting waters that will help you relax and unwind on your perfect beach getaway and will fill you with a sense of calmness.

The best snorkeling in Belize is waiting for you, with abundant sea life to observe and hundreds of cayes to explore from your doorstep. If you fancy a change of scene, take a boat trip to another snorkel spot, such as a day trip excursion to San Pedro and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, where you may be able to spot nurse sharks and get the chance to learn more about the famous Shark Ray Alley. Also within the vicinity are the famous sites of Lighthouse Reef Atoll and Half Moon Caye. You really will be spoilt for choice when you visit us here at Tranquility Bay!

Snorkeling packages 2018

Bacalar Chico
  • ½ Day Trip
  • US$ 95 /Person
  • (Park Fee US$ 5. per Person – Not Included)
  • Customize trip weather permitting
  • (Minimum of 4 persons)
Mexico Rocks
  • ½ Day Trip
  • US$60 /Person
  • (Park Fee US$ 10 per Person – Not Included)
  • (Minimum of 4 persons)
Hol Chan / Shark Ray Alley
  • Departs from TBR
  • ½ Day Trip
  • US$75 /Person
  • (Park Fee US$ 10 per Person – Not Included)
  • (Minimum of 4 persons)
The Full Day Snorkel
  • US$ 110
  • Departs from TBR 9:30, 12-1 PM San Pedro Return 2:30-3PM
  • Hol Chan, Shark Ray & Mexico Rocks
  • Refreshments & Snacks only (Lunch not included)
  • (Park Fee US$ 10 per Person – Not Included) (Min 4 Person)
TBR Area Snorkeling Guide
  • This snorkel is off the shore into the water just to get you comfortable in the water at the resort
  • US$ 25/ Person
  • (Per hour)
Caye Caulker and Snorkeling at Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley
  • (Lunch Not Included)
  • Full Day Trip
  • US$ 130/ Person (Minimum 4 persons)
  • (Park Fee US$ 10 per Person – Not Included)

*12.5% Government Tax not included

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